Off-Site Event Team

From the Greenwood Car Show to The South Sound Wedding show, we go to many events off-site, and we always need help sharing with the community what the LeMay Collections at Marymount is all about, and we can always use your help!



Present and distribute information about the LeMay Collections at various car shows and events. Often responsible for the booth set-up, may need to position vehicles, signs, tables, and displays. The objective of booth specialists is to encourage LeMay Collections awareness as well as encourage visits, memberships, private events, and even volunteer opportunities.

Key characteristics of an excellent off-site team member:

  • Friendly- Working in a public environment with many people and being an ambassador for the LeMay Collections, it is essential to have a friendly attitude when at an off-site event.
  • Go-Get-em attitude – Making sure you are engaging with passerby’s or being on the lookout for if they are taking pictures with the display car or slow down at the table so that you can engage with them.
  • Reliable – These events take place off-site of the collection, so making sure that you can make it to your shift on time and being prepared is essential as other volunteers may be waiting for you to relieve them.


  • Fill out a volunteer application.
  • Attend a volunteer orientation.
  • Join us for an off-site event team orientation.
  • Sign up for a shift at an off-site event!