Museum Docent

Our program makes it easy for anyone to begin their journey to being a great docent and ambassador of the LeMay Collection.



Our docents are a key component of the collection at Marymount. They are all volunteers and serve as ambassadors and educators. There are here to make sure our guests have a pleasant experience learning about the LeMay Collection.

Docents guide visitors through the various tours we have available. We encourage our docents to make each tour their own, telling any stories they may have of the Harold LeMay family, the collection, the cars, or the Marymount Academy. Docents are also here to make sure that our guests are following the rules of the LeMay Collections at Marymount to ensure a safe and friendly visit. Once you become a docent, we will continue to mentor you throughout your time with us! The stories are endless…

Types of Docents

  • Vintage Vehicle
  • Historical
  • LeMay Grounds
  • Sculpture Garden

Key characteristics of an excellent Museum Docent:

  • Friendly – Museum docents are the ones who interact most with our guests. Our guest’s experience depends on the knowledge and personality of the docents.
  • InteractiveThe best tour is one in which the audience feels that they have participated. It helps them remember more of what they have seen and heard and gives them a sense of ownership. A docent should be responsive to the audience’s interests and questions.
  • Know your audience – We give tours to everyone! Ask them their interests, stories they may have about a car, or if they are collectors themselves! With practice, you can read your audience and see what methods of touring suits them and where their interests lie. Timing is another aspect of reading your audience – let them set the pace with their interest level.
  • Eagerness to learn – Our docents are educators. They must have a thirst for knowledge, and their tours are always changing based on what they learn. There’s always something new to incorporate into tours! 

How to Become a Docent:

  • Fill out a volunteer application.
  • Attend a volunteer orientation.
  • Attend docent classroom training and practical tour. 
  • Follow along with at least two different docent tours.
  • Have an experienced docent follow you on tour. 
  • Pass a docent evaluation.
  • Let those in the office know when you are available for tours.
  • Continue learning throughout your docent fellowship!