Media Volunteer

In a modern world, social media has become the number one way to let people know that they should come and visit the LeMay Collections at Marymount, and with so many platforms we always need help letting people know that we are here!

Social Media Logos


Media Volunteers help us maintain social media accounts, gather engaging photographs, write captivating content, distribute literature to local hotels and other local areas. But most of all, they help us communicate our message and our mission to an ever-growing audience. Social media is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to communicate effectively and work within our unique branding image.

Key characteristics of a great media volunteer:

  • Creative – From graphic design to article writing, creativity is key when designing or writing content. 
  • Writing skills – Being able to express meaning and branding through articles and text posts while having excellent grammar and spelling is an essential skill for a media volunteer.


  • Fill out a volunteer application.
  • Attend a volunteer orientation.
  • Meet with our marketing manager.
  • Begin making great content for the LeMay Collections at Marymount!