Collection Care Team

With over 500 cars on-site and an almost endless amount of historical items throughout the collection, making sure these items look their best and shine like they are fresh off the lot is daunting for one person but is attainable with a team! Our collection care team is what gives our museum the WOW factor! From being able to see your reflection in a 100-year-old car to being able to see the fine details in our automobilia exhibits.



The Collection Care Team makes sure the exhibits are looking their best for the visitors to the collections; this may include washing, waxing, and detailing the vehicles for display, and airing up tires and interior detailing are also necessary. Volunteers also help with general maintenance – sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning up oil spots, cleaning glass cases, and checking to make sure signs are facing the right way and are updated. This job is done with a variety of cleaning products and tools as well as car care specific products.

Characteristics of a good Collection Care Team member:

  • Detail-oriented –  Many items may require a deep clean and may have small parts. We want to make sure all the visual parts sparkle and shine.  
  • Attentive – Being able to see things that may need upkeep is a great tool to have because many times, others may not notice a misplaced sign an oil spill or even a deflated tire.
  • Desire to learn –While working, guests of the museum may ask questions about cars or exhibits, and you will want to familiarize yourself with what items you are cleaning so you can answer questions. 


  • Fill out a volunteer application.
  • Attend a volunteer orientation.
  • Join us for a Collection Care Team orientation.
  • Begin working your way to Master Car Detailer!