2006 Custom Dragon-ster
V-8, torqueflite automatic

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This Custom Built Promotional Show Car was originally created using a 1923 Model T altered drag car as its base. All the Dragon parts of the car were made using a steel frame work and formed with metal construction grid. Layers of hand laid fiberglass were then applied and finished using House of Kolor laquer supplies. The chassis retains a classic style drag link steering system and a rare set of Halibrant spindle mount front rims. Besides the overwhelmingly obvious Custom Dragon shaped body, the car has some very notable features. The Head piece is hinged and is able to open to a 25 degree angle and when activated, a built in flame system shoots an incredible stream of Fire 30′ to 40′ long. (the flame shot lasts just a few seconds.) The Head piece also has a lighting system to make the eyes glow red and the 250hp NOS system is purged through the nostrils which make the dragon appear to be puffing smoke. All controlled from the drivers compartment. The car has a mildly built 440 Chrysler engine and a 727 TorqueFlite transmission with a mild BandM shift kit. The rear end is a Ford 9″ with a spool, race gears, and a set of vintage drag disc brakes.


  • Made for show, not go
  • Chrysler 440 cid wedge engine
  • Designed to shoot flame, blow smoke, and its eyes light up red!
  • 250 hp NOS system