2004 Picklefork Ultra Boat-Car

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Why turn a pickle-fork jet boat into a one-of-a-kind Hot Rod created from boat, car and even helicopter components? Because it’s wrong. The biggest challenge to face the team on this build was mounting the body to the chassis as it had to be tailored to the body specs before they were joined. Confusion sank in during the build, when the team kept confusing the car with a boat. With this body, who could blame them? The sleek and smooth design seems to coast over the track, like most boats cross the ocean. Monster Garage designer, Mike Desmond made his building debut with this car. Out of all of the builds, he likes this one the most. “No doubt, the Jet Boat Car’s my favorite: It’s pure, and its natural beauty comes from functional fluid dynamics – it’s like a fish outta water. Plus, the only real time we ever get to see the bottom of a boat is when something’s gone terribly wrong.” THE TEAM: Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, CA, Mike Desmond, graphic artist and custom-car designer, Madmachines, Long Beach, CA, Pippa Garner, artist, Santa Fe, NM, Tim McNees, racecar builder and fabricator, Salt Lake City, UT, Howard Murray, gas-turbine boat builder, Inisfil, Ontario, Canada, Brandon Smisek, 3-D designer/clay modeler, Santa Ana, CA, and John West, boat builder and owner, Ultra Custom Boats, El Cajon, CA. VEHICLE SPECS: Height: 48″; Width: 81″; Length: 19′; Ground Clearance: 3.5″; Weight: 2,650 pounds. Gel Coating: Ultra Custom Boats, El Cajon, CA. Special Welds: Special welds were formed on the frame and chassis (created from steel tubing), the rigid rear end, the motor mounts and the roll cage. Additional Acquired or Machined Parts: Includes a horizontal helicopter stabilizer, a transmission from the Remote-Control Dirt-Track Racer, a radiator and rear disc brakes. Body Modifications: The team inverted the boat body and added front-wheel blisters, a cockpit cowl and rear-wheel flares.


  • Picklefork boat turned upside-down
  • Custom-built on Monster Garage TV Show by Jesse James and team
  • Cost to build: $53,600