1995 Volvo Art Car “The Streetcar Project”
146 cid, I-5, 168 bhp

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The streetcar project was a collaboration between 30+ artists from around the world who covered a 1995 Volvo in street art, and had an insanely fun time doing it. The project originated as a senior school project for graphic design major Sumner Brock, but it became something much larger.


Mission and Overview

The streetcar project was a collaboration of artists creating street art to express their personal and collective drives, and thereby inspiring others to do the same. Through this process, the streetcar project aims to foster community and creativity. 30+ artists from around the U.S. and world have created pieces of art based on the theme street art. They worked in all different mediums and in all different colors. For the exterior, the artists took high quality photos of their images and sent them to the U.S. digitally. All of the art was compiled into one unified design and the design was submitted to a car-wrapping place where the design was printed out on vinyl and wrapped around the car. Additionally, local artists worked hard to cover the interior of the car with hand-done art.


The finished car was presented at a launch party in Oklahoma City and then the car was displayed at Oklahoma Christian University as Sumner Brock’s senior project. During the month of June, the car was taken on a tour from Oklahoma to California and then up the coast to Seattle. Along the way the car was presented at various festivals, businesses and galleries. The whole project was filmed and turned into a documentary.


  • Art Car “The Streetcar Project”
  • College Senior Graphics Design Project
  • 30+ artists from around the world participated
  • Digitized art applied as Wrap to car
  • Project filmed as documentary