1994 Reynard 94i Indy Car
2.65 L, V-8, 750 bhp (est)

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The last Indianapolis 500 race for this Reynard 94i chassis was May 26th, 1996, and was driven by US-born Australian driver Brad Murphey. This was Murphey’s first and only Indy 500 race, starting 26th in a field of 33. On lap 91, the car crashed due to suspension problems, but Murphey was credited with finishing 23rd in spite of the crash. The Reynard 94i was originally powered by a 2.65 liter turbocharged Ford Cosworth BX V-8 engine, producing an estimated 750 bhp, the engine being leased rather than purchased from Ford Cosworth. The Reynard chassis/body cost approximately $375,000 in 1994, with the lease price for the Ford Cosworth engine of $100,000 per race. The maximum rpm for the engine was 13,200 rpm.


  • Originally powered by turbocharged Ford Cosworth XB engine with an estimated 750 bhp
  • Last Indy 500 race was in 1996, driven by US-born Australian driver Brad Murphey
  • Max RPM 13,200
  • Price new: $375,000 w/o engine