1990 Red Stiletto
350 cc, Inline Twin, 45 bhp

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This eye-catching two-seater custom vehicle was created by David Crow from Snohomish, Washington, and it required almost four years to complete. According to Crow, part of the motivation for building the vehicle was to appease his girlfriend. Apparently, she had noted that the cars at most of the car shows and events that she attended with Crow were built to please men. Well, Crow went out of his way to build a car that would appeal to his girlfriend.

Officially called “The Red Stiletto,” this specific vehicle is a great example of an art car. Following in the footsteps of other non-traditional vehicles, the Stiletto was built on a 1976 Honda 350 cc engine. Recently acquired in 2007 from the original owner/creator, David Crow, as a unique addition to the LeMay family collection, this vehicle is certainly a crowd-pleaser.

The Stiletto has been featured at many parades and off-site events that Crow attended – he created a vehicle that can definitely satisfy both sexes!


  • Fiberglass shell in the shape of a right high-heeled shoe
  • Honda motorcycle engine
  • Custom-built by David Crow of Snohomish, WA