1985 Pontiac Fiero
173 cid, V-6, 125 bhp

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The Pontiac Fiero, produced from 1984 through 1988, was loosely based on the Pontiac Banshee concept car inspired by John DeLorean. The design was by Hulki Aldikacti of an outside design firm called Entech. The name “Fiero” is from the Italian for “very proud”, fitting for Detroit’s big three’s first mid-engine production vehicle. Much of the vehicles suspension, powertrain, and drivetrain were shared with other GM production vehicles, such as the Citation and Chevette. The chassis a space-frame with Chevette steering, suspension, and brakes. The body panels were created from Enduraflex plastic which were only available in four colors. In 1984 the Fiero was named the pace car of the Indy 500. In 1985 GM introduced the Fiero GT version, a vastly improved vehicle with a port-injected V6 engine and nearly 45 more horsepower. There were 22,534 Fiero GT Coupes produced in 1985 at a list price of $11,795.


  • Loosely based on the Pontiac Banshee concept car
  • First mid-engine production car of Detroit’s Big 3
  • Price new: $11,795