1983 Duesenberg II SJ
460 cid, V-8, 365 bhp

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This Duesenberg II Dual Cowl Phaeton Royalton was hand built in 1983 by Elite Heritage Motors to exactly reproduce the look and size of a 1930 Duesenberg J Dual Cowl Phaeton. With a staggering 153.5″ wheelbase, it was built from a 1983 Ford truck chassis with a structural steel body framework. It includes a powerful Lincoln460 cid V8, power windows, power seat, power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning. All components were custom-made to match the original Duesenberg (bumpers, lights, radiator shell, side pipes, windshield frames, moldings, dash, etc.). Almost everything you see on this particular vehicle is hand- fit and finished, from the original-looking steering wheel to the door hinges.

Dash and gauges are even the correct style and size. These exacting reproductions once sold for up to $225,000. Only 42 Royalton models were produced.

The Duesenberg II was created by Elite Heritage Motors as the “ultimate modern classic”, with the objective of recapturing the aesthetic elegance of the original Duesenberg in a new car that was comfortable and practical to use, making it a timeless “collector’s car” because of the detail and craftsmanship involved in its creation.

Five models of the Duesenberg II were produced between introduction in 1978 and 2000, including the Royalton and Murphy Roadster. Exact in design and quality craftsmanship to the original model, each Duesenberg II was custom-crafted to order as a unique statement of elegance, luxury, and hand-built quality that is a reflection of the buyer’s personal taste. Both the exterior and interior have retained the original look and detail, while also offering the convenience of a modern drive train and comfort features, cleverly concealed with original design controls. This attention to detail and use of the finest materials available, combined with the timeless styling of the 1930’s most expensive car, makes the Duesenberg II a unique automobile today.


  • Built with a 1983 Ford truck chassis and 460 cid Lincoln engine
  • Hand-built replica to reproduce the look and size of a 1930 Duesenberg J Dual Cowl Phaeton
  • Features automatic transmission
  • Price new: Up to $225,000