1980 Vanguard Comutacar Electric

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The ComutaCar was an electric car produced by Commuter Vehicles Inc. from 1978 through 1981 in Sebring, Florida. The company was started by Frank Flowers the founder of Electric Mobility, a well-known electric wheelchair company.  The ComutaCar featured an aluminum roll-cage with plastic body panels. It only equipped with the most basic features, an AM/FM radio and a heater created by running a fan across the motor.  It ran on a five horsepower General Electric motor powered by 8 six-volt batteries producing 48 volts when fully charged.  During its four year run only about 2000 were produced.  In 1980 the ComutaCar sold for about $6500. It is believed that this car was originally owned by radio and television star Wink Martindale.


  • Electric car featuring aluminum roll-cage
  • Basic equipment included AM/FM radio and heater
  • G.E. 5 hp electric motor powered by 8 six-volt batteries
  • Price new: $6,500