1979 Chrysler 300
360 cid, V-8, 195 bhp

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The end of the seventies was somewhat bleak for performance enthusiasts and Chrysler was on the ropes with declining sales and increased competition from imports. The Chrysler line-up returned to its past with the introduction of a special edition “300” built on the Cordoba platform. This car was a far cry from the “300”s that ran from 1955 through 1971. The special décor included special “300” emblems on the grille, door panels, taillight lenses, and wheel covers. All cars were painted Spinaker white with red, white, and blue pin-striping. The cars sported a 360 cid V-8 which produced 195 horsepower. Only a little over 3,800 1979 “Cordoba” 300’s were produced in 1979.


  • Total produced: 3,811 sold in US, 1,189 in Canada, for a total of 5,000 for 1979
  • Nearly all were built in the white/red configuration, with just seven made that were red/red (this is white/red)