1975 Bricklin SV-1
351 cid, Ford V-8, 175 bhp

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The Bricklin was a short-lived marquee designed by entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin, the man who first brought Subaru to North America. SV -1 stood for ‘safety vehicle’ and it was designed and built as the ultimate ‘safe’ sports car. The car was fitted with sideguard rails as part of tubular frame protecting the passenger compartment, an energy absorbing 5 mph impact bumper, and a protected fuel tank to prevent fires. The exterior was a vacuum-formed, color-impregnated acrylic bonded to a Rohm & Haas Plexiglass body reinforced with fiberglass and fitted with a set of gull-winged doors It was equipped with an AMC 220 hp V -8 engine but AMC’s financial woes eventually necessitated a switch to Ford’s 175 hp V-8. The Bricklin was produced in St John, New Brunswick, Canada and highly subsidized by both the provincial government and the Canadian government. The company failed when the government refused to invest more money. Bricklins sold from between $7490 and $9775 but cost in excess of $15,000 to build. Total production during its two year run was 2872. Despite production flaws over half the Bricklins produced are still on the roads today.


  • “Safety Vehicle 1” acrylic 2-seat sports car with gull-wing doors
  • Based on the AMC Javelin
  • 2,100 built in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada 1974-1975. Price new: $9,780