1975 AMC Pacer
232 cid, I-6, 100 bhp

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The Pacer was a wide bodied small car produced by AMC from 1975 through 1980.  The large windows and fish bowl appearance were designed to give the Pacer a futuristic look.  The original engine was to be the Wankel rotary engine, but it would not meet new emission standards. Outfitted with a heavier conventional 232 cid six cylinder engine, coupled with the weight of the extensive glass area, led to a very heavy front end and a significant reduction to projected fuel economy.  To benefit the rear passenger egress, the passenger door is four inches longer than the driver’s door.  The first year production of the Pacer in 1975 was an impressive 72,158 at a base price of $3,299.


  • Originally designed to use Wankel rotary engine
  • Weight of the glass led to reduction in fuel economy
  • Price new: $3299