1974 Pontiac Firebird Esprit
350 cid, V-8, 155 bhp

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Harold LeMay bought this particular car from a former auto dealer who had the car in his basement (last service sticker is dated 1993). The car has approximately 700 (736) original miles on it. It is known that the car was never titled to anyone as it still has an MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin). In fact, the car even has the original battery.

The car has a silver body with black vinyl top, black all-cloth interior, automatic transmission, and a center console shift. The Esprit Model (1970-1981) replaced Sprint as the ‘luxury’ model between base Firebird and sporty Formula.

The 1974 Firebird model year is part of the Second Generation replaced the First Generation “Coke bottle” Firebird styling. has a more “swoopy” body style with the top of the rear window down to the lip of the trunk lid. This look was to epitomize F-period during the Firebird’s lifetime.

Inside, the interior was basically a carry-over from the previous year. With the government requirement of 5 mph bumpers extending bumper was legislated out of existence in 1974. The 1974 Firebird, had to get new federally-compliant rubber bumpers, replacing Endura ones. Replaced by an integrated urethane covered unit, mimicked the “black bar” of the front. The other big change wider tail lamp assemblies. The new tail lamps stretched from license plate pocket and had much finer horizontal rows.


  • First year of the so called “shovel-nose” front end treatment
  • Horizontal slotted tail lights introduced
  • Similar vehicle featured on The Rockford Files TV series
  • Price new: $3,687