1974 Gaz Chaika Model 13
352 cid, V-8, 195 bhp

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The Gaz Chaika Model 13 was a Russian-built limousine favored by high-ranking Kremlin officials, Soviet heads of state, and KGB officers. The Gaz’s 5530 cc ohv four-barrel V-8 produced 195 hp and 300 ft/lb of torque. Because of the use of these cars by the KGB, they quickly became symbols of the terrible power the government yielded.Very few of these cars survive today as it was the official government policy to destroy the cars after their official duty cycle was complete. This car survived as it was sent out of Russia for use in Lithuania. This car was reported used by Algirdas Brazauskas the former Central Committee chairman and first elected President of the independent Republic and the current Prime Minister. Of the few remaining cars, this is the only known one to have been restored.


  • Near clone of 1955 Packard Patrician
  • Built in Soviet Union from 1959 to 1981
  • Used by KGB and Communist party officials, not available to Soviet citizens
  • Total production: 3,100