1973 Pontiac Ventura Hatchback Custom
350 cid, V-8, 150 bhp

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  • Ventura model reintroduced by Pontiac in ’71 as Ventura II, in response to higher gas prices and public demand for more economical cars; “II” designation was dropped in ‘73
  • Based on GM standard “X Bodied” compacts; Other X-Bodies were Chevrolet Nova and Oldsmobile Omega
  • Hatchbacks, where the rear seat folds down and the rear hatch opens wide for occasional large cargo, were popular in the 1970’s as alternative utility vehicles, versus the station wagons that were popular family cars in the preceding years
  • Price new: $2,759
  • 3,309 lbs
  • Quality and brand identity problems resulting from cost cutting a problem for Pontiac, sales low in the ‘70s; Standard and Custom Ventura Hatchbacks combine for 26,335 sales in 1973
  • Last year for 2-speed Powerglide type transmission being offered in any GM car