1971 Volvo Sports Coupe
2 litre, I-4, 130 bhp

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Early in 1959 Volvo began work on a new sports car which became known as the 1800, with later model years sporting the names P1800S/1800S and the 1800E. Full production began in 1961 and lasted through 1973. The body was designed in Italy and the construction done in England, final assembly being done by Jenson.  Manufacturing was transferred to Sweden in 1963. The Volvo 1800 was based on the floor plan of the Volvo 121/122S, but with a shorter wheel-base. This car features a 4-cylinder, inline, overhead valve engine with 1,986 cc displacement producing 130 horse power. There were 8078 1800ES coupes produced from 1971 through 1973 when production was wound up because it was too expensive to meet US safety requirements. A Volvo 1800 was the car driven by Roger Moore in “The Saint”.


  • Automatic transmission
  • Volvo’s first successful sports car
  • 39,407 coupes sold worldwide 1961-1973
  • E model had fuel injection and disc brakes