1971 Jaguar XKE Series III
5.3 Litre, V-12, 272 bhp

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The Jaguar E-Type, also known as the XK-E, brought style and performance together to create a one great, mass-produced sports car.  Conceived in 1956 as a replacement for the D-Type, it was officially launched in the spring of 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show.  Designed by engineer Malcolm Sayer, it was fast, performed well and was competitively priced.  In the US though, it lost horsepower due to emission regulations.  The front engine, rear-wheel drive car featured a monocoque body and a tubular front chassis.  The Series III E-Type was powered by a V-12 engine capable of speeds in excess of 145 mph.  When E-Type production ceased in 1975, over 72,000 had been built.  It was replaced by the XJ-S, a heavier vehicle that was nowhere near as visually appealing. 


  • E type introduced March 1961
  • “Clean lines and high-tech specifications were a sensation”
  • Built as coupe or roadster