1970 AMC Jeepster Commando
134 cid, I-4, 75 bhp

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The original Jeepster was a product of Willys-Overland from 1948 through 1950. The original was a true phaeton, with side screens instead of roll-up windows. In 1966, Jeep, then owned by Kaiser, launched the Jeepster Commando to compete with the Ford Bronco and the Landcruiser. After AMC bought Jeep in 1970, they continued production of the Commando through 1973. The new Jeepster had the same outward appearance of the 1948 through 1950 model, but it had roll-up windows and other luxury equipment available. It was powered by a 134 cid, inline 4 producing 75 horsepower. They produced 9,268 Jeepster Commandos in 1970.


  • Manufactured from 1966 to 1973
  • Available in 3 models: convertible, pickup truck, and wagon
  • Originally manufactured by Kaiser Motors in 1966, and continued by AMC in 1970 when they bought the Jeep line
  • Original Jeepster, built by Willys Overland, was produced from 1948-1950