1968 Mercury Cougar
302 cid, V-8, 210 bhp

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The Cougar was introduced as a new model for 1967. It was Mercury’s version of Ford’s Mustang, the immensely popular pony car, though the Cougar was longer and more luxurious.  Only one body style was available, the 2-door hardtop.  There were two models to choose from, the base model and the XR-7. The Cougar had an artistic grille with many parallel vertical pieces protruding while hiding the headlamps. The tail lamps repeated this vertical ribbing with sequential turn signals in the style of the latest Thunderbird. There was a variety of engines to choose from, starting with a 289 cid rated at 225 horsepower to a 390 cid which produced 335 horsepower. There were 32,712 Cougar XR-7’s produced in 1968 at a list price of $3,232.


  • Mercury’s answer to Ford’s Mustang
  • Longer and more luxurious than the Mustang
  • Sequential turn signals
  • Price new: $3,232