1968 International Scout 800
196 cid, I-4, 92 bhp

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The Scout 800 replaced the Scout 80 in late 1965. The 800s were built from 1965 until they were replaced with the 800A in 1969. The main changes from the 80 model to the 800 model were improvements for comfort including bucket seats, better instrumentation, improved heating systems and additional optional accessories such as a push-button radio, windshield washers, rear seats, a ten gallon auxiliary gas tank and four-way flashers. The optional ‘Travel Top Model’ covered the rear bed and optional seats giving the Scout 800 a conventional ‘SUV’ look. The 800 was available in either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

The standard engine was the ‘Comanche’ 93 hp 152 cid four cylinder power plant which was derived from the highly successful International heavy-duty commercial engines. Engine options included the 196 cid 4-cylinder, the 232 cid 6-cylinder, and the 266 cid V-8 engine. A 152 cid 4 -cylinder turbo charged engine (the 152-T) was offered from 1965-1967. The 800 was available with either a three-speed or four-speed transmission.

Credit James Garner’s hit 1960’s television show Maverick for creating an American culture that wanted to get “off-road.” While that meant horses and six guns for Garner’s character, it meant buying a 4×4 vehicle from the shows primary sponsor, Kaiser Industries, and their bestselling product: Jeep.

By 1961, the off-road, four-wheel drive vehicles had begun to be more and more common place in the family garage, after thousands of GI’s who had used them in Europe and Korea accepted them as recreational vehicles once they returned home. International saw this strong demand for 4x4s and in 1961, introduced the Scout to compete directly with Jeep. Remarkably, the Scout was less than two years from concept to production.

Designated the Scout 80, the early base model was a convertible with removable door. It had boxy lines, a three-person cab and a short, five-foot bed. The little Scout was an instant hit, and many today credit it with cementing the off-road culture. The 80 series was produced from 1961 to mid-1965.


  • ½ ton
  • 4 wheel drive
  • 1968 was the last year for this Model 800 body
  • International would be renamed Navistar International Corporation in 1987
  • This very low mileage vehicle has 606.4 original miles, as of 2012