1968 Buick GS400 2 Door Convertible
400 cid, V-8, 340 bhp

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The GS series for 1968 was another version of the Buick 112″ wheelbase, intermediate coupe. A GS350 was available also, powered by a 350 ci V-8. Interior finish of the GS matches the other Buick intermediate, the Skylark, but GS exterior appearance was more sculpted and sporty. Only 2,454 of these GS400 convertibles were made. Buick Division was America’s 5th largest automaker in 1968.


  • Long hood and short rear deck embodied the “muscle car” image of the GS400
  • Critics disliked the “idiot lights” and its horizontal-sweep speedometer
  • Just 2,454 GS400 convertibles made 1968
  • Price new: $3,294