1966 Pontiac Bonneville 2 Door Convertible
388 cid, V-8, 333 bhp

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The Bonneville for 1966 was easily identified by the long, wide rocker panel moldings between the fender wells. Bonneville lettering was found on the grille and on the front fenders behind the wheel opening. The standard-equipped fender skirts gave a low and sleek look to the 124″ wheelbase. Body styles available were a 2-door hardtop coupe, 4-door hardtop sedan, a convertible and station wagon. The Brougham option added ID badges to the roof pillars, as well as an upholstery pattern specifically assigned to the Brougham package and a Cordova top could be added as an option. The engine offered was the 389 cid at either 325 or 333 hp depending on carburetion and transmission configuration.

The 1965 and 1966 Pontiacs were successful years for the Pontiac Motor Division; in those years, sales were fast-paced and there were numerous models. Up the line for the 1966 Pontiacs were the Star Chief Executive, Bonneville, and the Grand Prix. The senior series had power that ranged from the 389 cid V8 at 260 hp to the full-muscled 421 cid V8 at 376 hp.

The mid-sized Tempest line was offered in four models: the Tempest, Tempest Custom, Lemans, and the Tempest GTO. A full range of styles were available, such as the pillared sport coupe, hardtop coupe, a four-door hardtop and sedan, convertible, and wagon. Engines ranged from the 236 cid 6 cyl @ 165 hp to the 389 cid V8 @ 360 hp available in the GTO.


  • 1966 was the peak year for Bonneville sales over its 48 year run
  • Bonneville was a luxury, more top-of-the-line version compared to Catalina and Star Chief models
  • Price new: $3,586