1966 Ford Mustang Fastback
289 cid, V-8, 200 bhp

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The Ford Mustang was introduced at the New York World’s Fair and the car became an instant hit. Although its mechanical underpinnings descended directly from the 1963 Falcon, the Mustang was completely different looking featuring a compact package weighing in at a modest 2,550 pounds, a classic long-hood, short rear deck, forward leaning grille, and sculptured body sides. Three optional V -8 engines were available. Other available options included automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, styled chrome wheels, and air conditioning. The original platform was used, with numerous modifications, through the 1973 production year. Outside the grille design changed slightly putting the running pony inside the horizontal grille bars, side trim changes, and a restyled gas cap. The instrument panel was redesigned with five round gauges replacing the Falcon instrument cluster. Ford broke the 1,000,000 mark with the Mustang in 1966. 35,698 Mustang Fastback Standard models were produced in 1966 and cost $2607.


  • March of 1966 marked the one millionth Mustang built
  • Ford Mustangs were introduced at the New York World’s Fair, becoming instant hit
  • Mechanical underpinnings descended directly from the 1963 Falcon
  • New grille, wheels and instrument cluster marked changes for the 1966 Mustang
  • Mustang known for its youthful spirit
  • Price new: $2,607