1965 AMC Rambler Marlin
327 cid, Twin-Stick, 270 bhp

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In an effort to compete with the Ford Mustang and the Plymouth Barracuda, AMC
introduced the Rambler Marlin in 1965. Inside, the Marlins came with plenty of comfort and luxurious features, but those features considered essential to the “sporty” car segment such as tachometers and four-speed transmissions, were not even available as options in 1965.

On the exterior a sweeping pillarless roof tapered down and inward at the back creating beautiful, almost elliptical, windows. However the Marlin’s outward appearance suffered from the car’s fairly stubby hood which affected the car’s overall proportion. This helped limit the production to just 10,327 cars in 1965. One of these cars could be purchased new for $3.100.


  • Built to compete with the Mustang and Barracuda
  • Unique fastback styling based on the compact Tarpon concept car; built on the mid-size Rambler Classic chassis
  • Only 10,327 built in 1965
  • Price new: $3,100