1964 Triumph Spitfire Ipsen Special Roadster
1147 cc, I-4, 63 bhp

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The Spitfire was a relatively inexpensive small-sized sports car. In comparison to modern standards, the car sports basic trim. Along with rubber mats and a large plastic steering wheel, the car featured exterior door locks and roll-down windows. These early models were referred to as “Triumph Spitfire Mark I” and “Spitfire 4”. Due to the transverse-leaf swing axle arrangement in the vehicle’s rear end, the Triumph was known to “tuck in” and cause extreme over steering.


  • The model was produced from 1962 to1980.
  • Based on the Herald Sedan, the body was designed by Michelotti of Italy.
  • The museum has a custom body design on the Spitfire.
  • The average price for a new vehicle was $2,200.
  • Custom hand formed steel body
  • Earl Ipsen’s own design
  • 1964 Spitfire chassis and drive train
  • Built 1980s Stanwood, Washington