1964 Studebaker Wagonaire Station Wagon
259 cid, V-8, 180 bhp

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The Studebaker Wagonaire was produced from 1963-1966.  Inspired by industrial designer Brooks Stevens’ German-built 1959 Scimitar concept car, the Wagonaire featured a retractable sliding rear roof section that allowed the vehicle to carry items otherwise too tall for a conventional station wagon. The roof was manually retracted and then locked into position in the forward section of the roof above the rear passengers’ seat.

Wagonaires seated six passengers (five with optional bucket seats), and could seat eight when equipped with the optional rear-facing third-row seat (available through 1965).  These wagons were powered by a 259 cubic inch V -8, 180 horsepower engine. Buyers soon found that the wagons’ roofs leaked water near the front of the sliding section. Due to the leak problem, a fixed roof version was introduced alongside of the Wagonaire in January 1963 as a delete option.


  • 5,164 built for 1964 model year, featuring a unique retracting roof over cargo area
  • Last year for Studebakers built in the US – operation moved to Ontario, Canada
  • Wagonaire produced from 1963 to 1966
  • Price new: $2,600