1964 Cadillac DeVille Green
429 Cid, 7, 340 bhp

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The exterior styling changes for the Cadillac DeVille in 1964 were modest.  Tailfins were lowered creating a straight-through beltline which accentuated the length.  A body-color horizontal bar was added to the grille and tail lamp housings were reshaped.  A new automatic heating/air-conditioning system, “Comfort Controlled”, was added as an option which maintained a set temperature regardless of outside conditions.  The most significant change for 1964 was a new engine, a 429 cid V8.  Rated at 340 horsepower, this was the most powerful engine yet to be offered in standard production for Cadillac.  For the third consecutive year, Cadillac set production and sales records in 1964.  There were 17,900 convertible DeVille’s produced in 1964 at a base price of $5,612.