1962 Pontiac Bonneville
389 cid, v-8, 303bhp

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The 1960’s were productive for the Pontiac Motor division, since the division held a third place lead in sales nationwide every year of the decade. 1962 brought some minor facelifts to the senior series. The Bonneville was given new wide rocker panel moldings between the fender wheel openings and “Bonneville” lettering on the grille and on the front fenders behind the wheel opening. The standard-equipped fender skirts gave a lower and sleeker look to the now 118 inch wheelbase of this top-of-the-line model. Body styles available were a 2-door sedan and hard top coupe, a four-door hardtop, a convertible, and a station wagon (either 6- or 9-passenger). The Brougham option added ID badges to the roof pillar as well as an upholstery pattern specifically assigned to the Brougham, and an optional Cordova top could be added. Bonnevilles were powered with the 389 cid V8 @ 325 hp, or 333 hp, depending on engine and carburetion configuration.

For the Catalina, facelifts were not the focal point – it was power, speed and the stock car track that Pontiac was counting on to keep the sales volume in that number three position. It was said that “racing on Sunday sold cars on Monday”, and it was Pontiac that dominated the NASCAR scene with 14 wins of the 18 NASCAR races in 1962. The Catalina offered the standard array of body styles – from a simple 2-door sedan with a basic 389 V8 (for the conservative buyer) to the Catalina “Super Duty” 421 cid V8 rated conservatively at 405 hp that appealed to the performance-minded customer. NASCAR rule changes in 1962 dictated that power trains offered for the track must also be available in the show room as an optional street machine. The 421 cid V8 was limited to 180 units with 16 of them going to the Grand Prix personal luxury sport coupe.


  • “Bonneville” used by Pontiac 1957-2005
  • Pontiac 3rd place in sales 1962
  • Price new: $3,570