1962 Custom Russ Losing Special

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Unknown and wrongly labeled as a Buick Custom Car, this vehicle was correctly identified by Rik Hoving. The Russ Losing Special is credited with winning Best in the Handbuilt Class at the Tacoma Motorama in the early 60’s. The only existing early photos appeared in the Car Craft show coverage in 1963, and again in the Custom Car Yearbook No. 1 1963 by the editors of Hot Rod, Rod and Custom and Car Craft magazines. The base custom vehicle remains intact. The chassis is a 1940 Chevrolet, embellished with many chrome suspension components. The 1956 Buick Nailhead engine is equipped with fully styled fuel lines to three stromberg carbs, with an elaborate exhaust system consisting of eight individual chromed pipes running from the heads all the way back under the chassis. The distinctive sculpted quarter panels, canted quad headlights, vented lakes pipe covers, lower front running lights and grille openings, all appear as the original photographs, as does the steering wheel, gauges, and accelerator pedal. Sometime since 1962 the current tri-rod front bumper, headrests and top were added.


  • 1956 Buick engine on 1940 Chevrolet chassis with fiberglass body
  • Won “Best Handbuilt” at Tacoma Motorama in 1962; created by Russ Losing
  • Featured in 1963 in Car Craft Magazine and Custom Car Yearbook