1961 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
389 cid, V-8, 235 bhp

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General Motors Corporation put Semon E. “Bunkie” Knudson in command of the Pontiac Division in 1956 with directions to improve the brads image and desirability. By 1961 his emphasis on performance, style, and youth appeal had succeeded in bringing Pontic sales up to number three in the industry. Pontiac offered fine design detailing, luxurious interiors, and exceptional performance. Success at the drag strip and in NASCAR gave Pontiac a distinctly performance image.

Like all Pontiacs for 1961, the lead Bonneville model had the distinctive Pontiac split grill. The Bonneville was available in a two-door hardtop, a four-door hardtop, a “Safari” station wagon, and in a convertible. Like most Pontiacs, multiple engine options were available. The LeMay example is powered by the standard Bonneville 389 cubic inch V-8 engine producing 303 horse power, and is equipped with a hydromantic transmission.  Base price for the Bonneville convertible was $3,476 and 18,264 were produced.


  • Pontiac’s focus on detail, elegance, and improved interiors put Pontiac into the number three sales spot for 1961
  • Distinctive “split grille” look brought back after one-year hiatus
  • 18,264 produced; Price new: $3,476