1961 NSU Prinz 30
583 cc, I-2, 23 bhp

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The NSU Prinz was produced in West Germany from 1957 to 1973 by the NSU Motorenwerke AG.  The idea for the small NSU Prinz began in 1955 when the NSU engineering department was instructed to build a small car. The resulting car was debuted at the Frankfort Auto Show in September 1957.  The attractive exterior carried a 583 cc twin-cylinder 4-stroke engine which featured an “Ultramax” cam-drive. The Prinz III arrived in October 1960 with a new stabilizer bar and a 30 horsepower engine, making it one of the fastest small cars of its time. In its almost three years of production 95,000 NSU Prinz III’s were built.


  • NSU was German manufacturer, originally made knitting machines in 1870’s 
  • Name “Prinz” means “Prince”
  • Built from 1958 to 1962, the Prinz 30 could transport four adults with its tiny rear-mounted engine