1961 Nash Metropolitan 1500 Convertible
1489 cc, I-4, 55 bhp

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The company Nash-Kelvinator, later called Nash, then American Motors once Nash and Hudson merged, set out to fill a new niche in the American market – the need for a second family car.  The Metropolitan was their answer.  Designed to be small and economical (25-30 mpg), Nash contracted with Austin of England to build the cars for US import.  Four generations (“A”, “B”, “LC” and “HC”) of the Metropolitan were produced, the main differences being the inline 4 cylinder engines, ranging from 1,200cc with 42 horsepower, to 1,500cc with 55 horsepower.  Only three-speed manual transmissions were available.  Both a hardtop and convertible were offered, with 104,000 of these unique little cars sold between 1954 and 1962, at a list price between $1,445 and $1,697.


  • Nash-Kelvinator became Nash Motors then merged with Hudson to become American Motors Corp. (AMC)
  • Metropolitan sold by Nash and Hudson
  • Built in England by Austin
  • 104,000 sold between 1955-1962
  • Price new: $1,650