1961 Dodge Phoenix Convertible
318 cid, V-8, 230 bhp

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In 1960 Plymouth stores were pulled away from Dodge, creating a need for a low-priced full-sized Dodge.  This problem was solved with the introduction of the Dodge Dart, built on Dodge’s A-body with a slightly shorter wheelbase.  Three models were available; the Seneca, the Pioneer and the Phoenix, the top trim package available.  All three models were available in two door, four door, station wagon, and convertible body styles.  The Dart utilized unit-body construction, making the car lighter and stiffer.  Engines ranged from a new slant 6 to a trio of V8s.  The car featured here sports the 230 horsepower Red Ram 318. There were a total of 34,319 Dodge Dart Phoenix built in 1961.  The convertible coupe sold for $2,988.


  • Was a series of the Dart, along with Pioneer and Seneca; Unconventional “naturally backlit” speedometer featured
  • Smooth, reverse-slant tail fins were another unusual styling feature
  • 34,319 Phoenix produced that year; Price new: $2,988