1959 Simplex Automatic Motorcycle
125 cc

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  • Simplex founded by Paul Treen, talented draftsman, with a $25 investment 
  • Began producing three-wheeled cycles with a box on the rear in late 1940’s 
  • In 1950’s expanded product line to include small, lightweight motorbikes and scooters 
  • Production of the Automatic began in April of 1953, continued until end of motorbike production in 1960 
  • From 1952 to 1954 produced Model M, basic motorbike with rocker clutch
  • Automatic basically a Model M with a centrifugal clutch in place of the middle drive pulley 
    _ In 1953, Automatic was $234 to dealer and $314 retail
    _ Engine 125cc standard, 150cc optional