1959 Ford Fairlane Skyliner
352 cid, V-8, 300 bhp

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With a flick of a switch a host of servo motors would conceal the “world’s only hideaway hardtop” into the large trunk in under a minute. Even with such a large trunk, the hardtop had to be hinged to fit in the trunk, and precious little else could squeeze in. While convenient the system was expensive, complicated, and riddled with mechanical defects.  The Ford retractable was never about practicality, but more for glamour and glitz. The Skyliner retractable was available for three years, 1957-1959.  1959 saw styling changes far more conservative than previous years’ with anodized trim, a larger windshield, and an egg crate grille. Due to a weight over two tons, only V -8′ s were available, from a 292 cid producing 200 bhp to a 352 cid producing 300 bhp. 12,915 Skyliners were sold in 1959 at a staggering cost of $3346.


  • Retractable hard top convertible
  • Fordamatic and an equa-lock axle was available
  • Skyliners made 1957-1959
  • 13,000 Skyliners produced in 1959
  • Price new: $3,163