1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Holiday
371 cid, V-8, 265 bhp

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The Dynamic 88 was a minimum cost Oldsmobile versus the more traditional Super 88 and Ninety-Eight lines. Weight was kept to a minimum and the standard 371 cid Oldsmobile V-8 was de-tuned to a gas-saving 265 hp. The economic recession in 1958 could not completely dampen the 1950’s love affair with the car, and enough buyers went for the stylish yet cost-conscious “Dynamic 88” two-door hardtop to put it firmly in second place on the Oldsmobile sales charts. The Dynamic 88 “Holiday” two-door hardtop sold a respectable 35,036 units, at just under $2,900 each (up about $500 from the low priced three).


  • 1958 Olds known as “Chrome Mobile” and “King of Chrome”
  • Dynamic 88 series was stylish and cost-conscious vs. the higher-end Super 88 and 98 series
  • 35,036 units built; Price new: $2,934