1958 Edsel Ranger 4-Door Sedan
360 cid, V-8, 303 bhp

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1958 was the first model year for the Edsel. In early September, 1957, the cars appeared under showroom banners proclaiming “The Newest Thing on Wheels.” The buying public did not find Edsels all that innovative. In addition, the product niche seen in market models three years earlier when planning began did not generate the necessary sales volume. FoMoCo had predicted first-year production of 200,000 units; only 63110 were achieved. 1960 was the last model year. In that year the car had been improved to the point that Automotive News selected it as “best buy” for domestic autos, but publication was too late to help. Ford was already disbanding Edsel Division.


  • Edsel innovative features: floating speedometer (glows at preset speed), transmission that locks in park until ignition key turned
  • Only car to ever advertise torque rating instead of hp
  • Price new: $2,366