1958 Dual-Ghia
315 cid, V-8, 230 bhp

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The Dual-Ghia evolved from the Virgil Exner-designed Dodge Firearrow concept cars. Once Chrysler made the decision not to produce the Firearrow themselves, Eugene Casaroll, the owner of Automobile Shippers Inc. and Dual Motors, purchased the rights to build the vehicle. The Firearrow was quickly redesigned as a four passenger sport convertible with a longer wheelbase, added leg room and trunk space. The car was renamed in European style the Dual-Ghia, reflecting the manufacturer and the coachmaker, Carrozeria Ghia of Turin, Italy. The all-steel bodies were hand formed over aluminum dies in Italy and shipped to Dual Motors for assembly. Only Chrysler running gear were used in its assembly. The most popular engine used was the Dodge D-500 315 cid HEMI, capable of 285 hp when fitted with twin-four barrels. These cars sold for more than $7500 and became favorites of celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Hoagy Carmichael, and Peter Lawford (the original owner of this fine example). Total production over three years numbered just 117 cars.


  • Based on the Virgil Exner designed Dodge Firearrow concept cars
  • Built by Dual motors with body by Italian coachmaker Carrozeria Ghia
  • This example once owned by actor & “Rat Pack” member, Peter Lawford
  • Despite three years of production, only 117 Dual-Ghias built
  • Built by Ghia in Italy and assembled by Dual Motors in Detroit; Powered by Hemi V-8 with Powerflight auto transmission
  • Price new: $7,800