1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Impala Convertible
348 cid, V-8, 315 bhp

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The Impala was introduced in 1958 as a sporty trim package for the Bel Air coupes and convertibles. An all new chassis and fresh sheet metal allowed 1958 Chevrolets to be longer, lower, and wider than ever before; giving the Impala a sleeker more modern look.  It would be a one year only body style that incorporated quad headlamps, an impressive array of bright work, and six tail lights, a classic styling cue that would become its trademark.  A new engine was also part of Chevrolet’s program for 1958, a 348 cid engine with wedge-type combustion chambers capable of producing up to 280 horsepower. There were about 17,000 Impalas produced in 1958.  From 1958 through 1996, Impala sales exceeded 13 million, more than any other full-sized car in the history of the automobile.  The list price for the convertible Impala in 1958 was $2,841.


  • New chassis and body sheet metal allowed longer, wider look for 1958
  • Quad headlamps introduced this year for all 1958 Chevrolets; 1st year for “Impala”Chevrolet celebrated their 50th year in 1958
  • Price new: $2,326