1958 Chevrolet Apache Cameo
283 cid, V-8, 185 bhp

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Chevrolet made truck history in March of 1955 when they introduced the Chevrolet
Cameo. This pick-up was a whole new concept, marrying pick-up and car design. The original concept incorporated two themes: flush, cab-wide exterior bed walls and a one-piece cab/bed layout that allowed smooth unbroken lines. Unfortunately stress between the cab and bed made this impossible and the unbroken cab/bed layout was replaced with
a chrome strip separating the fiberglass bed from the cab. Car-like taillights and a spare hidden in the center of the rear bumper finished the design.

In 1958 a new two-toned paint scheme was introduced. Quad headlights, new wheel
covers, and special “Apache” fender trim completed the package. These were available with either a six cylinder or a V -8 and commanded a car-like sticker price of around $2,000. The Cameo was discontinued after the 1958 production run in favor of the EI Camino.


  • Top-of-the-line for 1958
  • Fiberglass rear fenders
  • After-market chrome wire wheels