1957 Oldsmobile Starfire 98
371 cid, V-8, 277 bhp

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A new sleeker styled body marked Oldsmobile’s 60th anniversary in 1957.  “Starfire” was added to the Ninety-Eight’s name.  The “Rocket T-400” engine was enlarged for 1957 to 371.1 cid, producing 277 bhp.  A “J-2” option with a three-by-two barrel carburetor produced 300 bhp.  Either way the engine was paired with a “Jetaway” hyda-matic drive automatic transmission.  The ’57 featured a new wide-stance chassis with larger tires and 14” wheels.

On the exterior the wide-mouth grille was mildly reshaped, windshield pillars were more angled;  a broad, stainless-steel sweep span dropped down from the middle of the beltline, then shot straight back to the tail to define a two-toning area;  and there were finless rear fenders ending in peaked, oval taillights.

The Starfire was available with power steering, power brakes, power seats, and power windows.  There were 8,278 of these beautiful convertibles built in 1957 at a list price of $4217.


  • 1957 was Oldsmobile’s 60th Anniversary
  • New, sleeker body styling
  • Rocket engine enlarged to 371.1 cid producing 277 bhp
  • “Starfire” name added to the 98 series name in 1954
  • 8,278 of these models produced in 1957
  • Nancy LeMay “helped” Harold buy this car at the price he was willing to pay
  • Price new: $3,792