1955 Powell Deluxe Yellow Pickup
201 cid, I-6, 85 bhp

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Powell Manufacturing Company (PMC) of Compton, California began manufacturing their radios in 1928 and moved on to the manufacture of motor scooters shortly thereafter. Production of pick-ups and station wagons, both called Sport Wagons, began in late 1954 as 1955 models. The majority of production took place in 1956 and production ended in 1957. The Powell Sport Wagon was based on 1941-1942 Plymouths, which were purchased used and discarded the passenger car bodies. The engine, chassis, transmission, differential, and all front axle parts were re-manufactured to new-car tolerances. Production numbers for Powell vehicles are 1,020 pickup trucks, 300 station wagons, three motor homes, and tens of thousands of scooters and industrial/delivery vehicles.


  • Powell built about 1,000 pickups and 300 station wagons in 1956 and 1957
  • Manufactured in Compton, CA
  • 1940’s Plymouth chassis & drive train
  • Price new: $1,000