1955 Dodge 1/2 Ton
230 cid, I-6, 123 bhp

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In 1954 Dodge introduced the C-series pickup featuring the 145 horsepower V-8 “Power Dome”  engine creating the industry’s strongest light pickup. In 1955 they increased the power even more, to 169 bhp. 1955 would also debut the “Powerflite” automatic 2-speed transmission, although it was also available with a three-speed manual with overdrive.

The C-series featured all new styling from the frame up as well. Mid-year in 1955, Dodge would introduce the “Pilot-House” or “Full-Circle” one-piece, wrap-around windshield. The interior of the cab received the greatest level of trim and ornamentation ever offered on a Dodge pickup.

Harold bought this truck at a swap meet. He approached the seller and asked what his lowest acceptable price was and the seller pointed to the price sticker on the windshield. Harold left, but returned a short time later, saying he’d take it. As he took out his checkbook, the seller started to say “cash only” but noticed Harold’s name and said “in his case he’d make an exception”. Harold asked the seller if he’d mind watching the truck the rest of the swap meet, and that he’d stop by every hour or so and check on the it. Each time Harold returned, he and his friends would be carrying arm loads of stuff they had bought at the swap meet. By the time the meet was over, the whole back end of the truck was full of the day’s purchases. Harold probably bought the truck as much for a place to keep his stuff and haul it home with, as for the truck itself.


  • This is a “C-3 Series” truck, which is a second-series built on/after April 11, 1955