1955 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon (Playbunny Coach)
396 cid, V-8, 350/375 bhp

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The Playbunny Coach was created by Eric Medeiros in the late 1960’s from a 1955 Chevrolet Nomad.  As was common with customizers of Nomads, the car length was chopped eight inches and the top four inches.  But that’s where the similarities ceased and the true customization began.  The roof was mated with that of an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser to create a “glass-in-roof” and the whole front end was completely fabricated from sheet metal.  It was shown regularly at car shows in the 1970’s complete with Playboy Playmates.  The car was restored and updated in 2001, rebuilding the 396 cid engine and transmission.  The tail lights were replaced with sequential Mercury Cougar tail lights. With the added Mustang II front end, Lincoln rear end and chrome side pipes it is truly a sight to behold.


  • Created by Eric Medeiros in late 1960’s
  • Top chopped 4 in. and mated to Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser glass top
  • Mustang II front-end, Lincoln rear-end