1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-Door
265 cid, V-8, 162 bhp

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The 1955 Bel Air brought a new, elegant look for Chevrolet. The new styling features
included eye-brow headlights, tailfins, wrap-around windshield, a Ferrari-inspired” eggcrate” grille, a “twin-cowl” dashboard, and a beautiful two-toned paint scheme with matching upholstery.

Although the standard engine was a six- cylinder that produced 115 horsepower at a base price of $1095, it was Chevrolet’s first modern, overhead-valve V -8 engine which
attracted the crowds. Nicknamed “The Hot One”, the 265 cid engine produced 162
horsepower. This would quickly gain Chevrolet a reputation as performance car. Going for $1,888 new, over 168,000 of the 2-door sedans were sold.


  • “Turbo Fire” V-8 introduced
  • First year of the now-classic tri-five 1955-1957 Chevrolets; 185,562 units produced
  • Full wheel covers, 12 volt electrical system and carpet were standard
  • Price new: $2,067 – $2,166