1954 Wolseley Six Eighty
2215 cc, I-6, 70 bhp

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The Wolseley Six Eighty was built from 1948 through 1954 and were based on the Morris Six MS. It was “designed for the motorist requiring luxury combined with high standard of performance.” The basic shape of the Six Eighty never changed throughout its lifespan although minor changes such as updating the split-windscreen and column gear-change did occur. It was a long wheel-based car at 110 inches, combining fine features like polished wood facia panels and door-cappings, leather seats and full carpets throughout,  giving it an air of luxury.

The Six Eighty was powered by a 2.5 litre o.h.v. six-cylinder engine which developed 70 to 80 hp. Twin S.U. carburetors fed the engine providing highly efficient performance. The gearbox was a 4-speed unit with no synchromesh on the first gear.

The Wolseley car has been used as police cars in Great Britian for many decades. The police versions of the Six Eighty were supplied with a heavy-duty anti-roll bar across the rear axle, a larger output dynamo, and two large 6 volt batteries in a special compartment under the rear seat. The Motor Traffic Patrol version differed  from other police versions in that not only did they have a bumper mounted chrome emergency gong in place of the stock fog lamps, but they had twin bowl-shaped loudhailers above the windscreen and two illuminated number-plate-style police signs, white on Bermuda blue background, one each on the front and rear.


  • British built marquee based on the Morris Six MS
  • Six Eighty built from 1948 through 1954
  • Wolseley was a high performance luxury car with a top speed of 85.3 mph
  • Wolseley cars used as British police cars for many decades