1954 Mercury Sun Valley
256 cid, V-8, 200 bhp

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The Sun Valley was one of the more innovative body styles among the Montclair’s, Mercury’s premium model. The front half of the roof was made of tinted Plexiglas which gave it the feeling of a glass roof. The Plexiglas roof was basically an extension of the windshield, providing the driver and passenger with increased visibility. The exterior was finished in two-toned paint and trimmed with the Mountclair’s beautiful chrome.  Buyers were hesitant to purchase the car believing the expanse of glass would be unbearably hot, in reality it only increased the inside temperature by about five degrees. The car is powered by a 292 cid V8 producing nearly 200 hp.  Only 9,761 Sun Valley’s were produced in 1954 and were listed at $2,582.


  • Included a tinted Plexiglas front portion of the roof, making the interior more open
  • Plexiglas perceived to make interior too warm so sales dwindled-sold 9,761 Sun Valleys vs. 79,533 Monterey Hardtops
  • Price new: $2,562 vs. $2,452 for Monterey